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Thread: Worst case scenario plugging an LCD monitor (non-multisync) to Amiga 500

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    One of four possibilities:

    1. The monitor won't even come out of standby mode -- it'll just ignore the 15 kHz video signal.
    2. It'll show a "Signal out of range" error, or something to that effect, and won't display any kind of legible video image.
    3. It'll show an error, but will display a legible image, if not necessarily a correct one:

    4. It'll work fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    Just curious--why LCD? CRT TVs should still be available for near-junk prices.
    My guess, they don't come with VGA inputs.
    At least I haven't seen one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alpher View Post
    My guess, they don't come with VGA inputs.
    At least I haven't seen one.
    Zenith had CRT TVs with a VGA input, although they really just contained an internal VGA to TV converter, and did not actually send VGA scan rates directly to the picture tube.

    But there's also the Toshiba TIMM:

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    The TIMM was a rare consumer targeted hybrid TV/monitor. There are some folks dedicated to hacking in RGB input to plain old US market CRT TVs (European sets usually have SCART RGB input already), via the on screen display pins.

    If you don't want to mess around with the inside of a TV, there are plenty of late model CRT sets with component inputs like the JVC D-Series. An external RGB-to-component transcoder is a cheap and easy solution for those common sets. Note that they usually don't work with LCD component inputs as many outright reject the 240p video signal OR treat it as 480i and do unnecessary deinterlacing.

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    So I picked up a DB23 to VGA cable from eBay IMG_1933.jpg and hooked it up to a NEC multisync 1960NXi LCD monitor and the monitor could not detect a video signal. Given that this particular monitor is not on the list ( I'm not too disappointed. I'll try one on the list next time.


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