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Thread: Worst case scenario plugging an LCD monitor (non-multisync) to Amiga 500

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    Thanks everyone for all your responses.

    The link efrestedt provided with the Google spreadsheet looks promising (as it confirms the list on
    I should be able to locate one of those LCD TFT monitors on that list and give it a go.

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    You won't fry anything with a LCD. Most newer multisync CRTs will just go to standby mode when given a 15.75khz signal as well. That being said, I wasn't impressed with the quality of video from Samsung LCD's SCART RGB inputs. They appear to treat 240p video as 480i and needlessly de-interlace the incoming signal leading to blurriness and artifacts. Many of the cheapo RGB upscalers from ebay do the same thing.

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    I think it's becoming clearer to me.

    The Amiga RGB analog signals are standard 0-0.7 V peak to peak signals but the CSYNC/HSYNC/VSYNC signals are digital ( meaning 0-5 V signals. But looking at VGA, it's the same, So looking at if I use the CSYNC direct from the Amiga to the VGA monitor (that is multisync support 15 kHz hsync) then in theory it should work.

    But that's in theory, so maybe it's interlace vs non-interlace that causes the problem? European users with SCART don't seem to have a problem. Perhaps it's the NTSC/PAL video output that is incongruous?

    Anyway, I do have a Gonbes GBS-8220, and I've managed to chop a DB25 cable to fit the DB23 Amiga connector. I need a new multimeter to get the correct wires to the Gonbes. Once I confirm it works, I'll get a multisync LCD and try a cable direct from the A500 to the VGA monitor.

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    they show up on ebay from time to time. I have a NEC 19" 1970NX multisync. looks like there is a guy in canada with quite a few for on ebay for 50$. works fine on amiga with 15khz.

    *emended my model number when I got home from work to 19" 1970NX, not 17" 1770NX*
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    That confirmation is comforting. There is an NEC 1970NX available (online) but it's an hour+ drive. So I'm wonder if other NEC multisync monitors would work also? As I mentioned the spec sheets on these monitors do not indicate 15 kHz functionality. So I'm considering a 1560M (there is one available which is closer to me). I figure no one wants 15"/17" (and maybe 19") monitors anymore. So I can get them pretty cheap.


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