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Thread: Please get rid of the ebay style blue buttons.

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    Default Please get rid of the ebay style blue buttons.

    I just typed out a long and thoughtful reply to another member's post. When I was done, I clicked the big blue "Reply to thread" button and my text vanished into the ether. I should have clicked the tiny grey "Post quick reply" button.

    This isn't the first time that this has happened. I understand why ebay does it - they want to monetize every click. But there's not any monetization in this community, so can we please get rid of this horrible abortion of a design element. It serves no positive purpose and only fscks things up.

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    I've learnt the hard way, that when typing a reply for ANY forum (even my webmail) to routinely copy all my text to the clipboard at regular intervals and paste into Notepad (or the equivalent on your platform).
    Don't rely on 'auto-save' or 'Draft folder' mechanisms. The longer your typed reply the more chance of a forum timing out.
    Use the clipboard, it will save a lot of angst.

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    I don't even see a blue ebay button.
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    If you click 'Go Advanced' in the editor and do your editing there you won't have that issue again.
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    Done that myself several times. I've also started just writing all long replies in the text editor and pasting them in.

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    After clicking "reply" or "Reply with Quote", the editor appears with its own set of buttons, but the "Reply to thread" button is still visible.

    Even after just clicking "reply to thread", and the editor appears, the "reply to thread" button is still visible.

    Either of those ways, typing some text and then clicking the "reply to thread" button will erase whatever you typed.

    Logically, I can't think of any reason why the Reply to Thread Button should remain visible in those cases, except that HTML sucks royal balls for creating application user interfaces.

    This is probably a bug in the vBulletin software.

    (PS, I think the proper word is "aberration")

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    Please get rid of the ebay style blue buttons
    Agreed. I've been bitten a couple times by the useless Reply to Thread button. That's when I usually thank the firefox TextArea Cache extension

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomeGuy View Post
    (PS, I think the proper word is "aberration")
    I think it depends upon how ticked off one is at the time...


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