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Thread: Tek 405x web-browser emulator

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    Quote Originally Posted by GanjaTron View Post
    Good on ya, Monty! I have a bunch of spare NiB 3M QICs waiting for Tek stuff. Looking forward to your repo uploads. Will also follow the file recovery thread. My apologies for keeping a low profile lately; too much crap (work) and no Tek (within reach).

    P.S. Any news on that bizarre display problem on your '52?
    P.P.S. You're right; the forum's advanced editing tools are gone...

    No progress on my 4052 display board issue. I did post on cctalk asking if anyone had a display board. Two responses - one from Pete - he has a 4051 and 4052 that have been outside for years - he would like someone that needs a display to get it. He said he sold the boards to someone in Europe

    The other lead was a 2017 post with photos of getting a 4051 and accessories and boards. He had a photo of a 4051 Display Board which should work in my 4052 - but he hasn't responded to my email

    I will be posting some recovered Tek 4050 games to github tonight - I haven't seen them before - they were on a couple of tapes I got from Al Kossow.

    I'm also working on how to display some pictures on another tape - it only worked on the 4051 with the CALL "EXEC" command or the R12 Enhanced Graphics ROM pack.

    I would love to find a 4052/54 R12 Enhanced Graphics ROM - or even the ROM binaries and I would make my own. There was even a 4052A/54A version.

    That ROM Pack not only displays fast graphics - but also plays MUSIC!!

    BTW - I fixed my forum editing issues - you need to click around that weird web page to get back to the classic forum view.


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    Someone mailed me the bitsavers link to the 4052R12 Graphics Enhancement ROM images - I made my own cartridge this past weekend.

    I created a new thread for what I've been doing with the new cartridge:

    I'll be working to create a Tek BASIC program to display these images without needing this ROM cartridge.


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    I received a scan of the Graphics Enhancement ROM Pack instruction manual from Bob Rosenbloom and posted the link to the manual here:

    Tektronix-4051-and-4052-R12-Enhanced-Graphics-ROM-Pack post 7

    The 64 commands in this ROM Pack may be the Rosetta Stone we were looking for to understand the 4052/4054 microcode parameters, since there are four different CALLs for similar graphics functions - absolute, relative, graphic cursor and joystick cursor starting coordinates and scaling.

    Looking at the code for these CALLs should give us main ROM entry points and the locations of scratch pad RAM.

    The MUSIC and SOUNDS commands may also be easy to disassemble and understand.

    The manual includes tutorial examples with resulting screenshots that should be helpful in understanding command operation.

    I have created a program combining all the tutorial examples that I have uploaded to my github site archiving 4050 programs:


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