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Thread: What's your vintage computer to do list look like for 2018?

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    Restore an IBM PS/ValuePoint P60/D. Update: en route. Update: received: in great shape: needs DS12887 replacement. Update: DS12887 shipped from CN. Update: waiting: early/mid-March probably. Update: still waiting. Update: still waiting. Update: still waiting. Update: ordered USA based DS12887As today. Update: had to order a replacement PSU: put it in a generic 486DX2 66 where I plugged in the IBM PS/ValuePoint P60Ds PSU. Update: received the DS12887As from CN. Update: on hold. Update: still on hold. Took the RAM out and put in my Dictaphone Pentium 133.

    Have a DS12887 socket installed on my Philips P 3238 MOBO. Update: on hold until late February / sometime in March. Update: April or May. Update: Q3.

    Finish all episodes of Wolfenstein 3D. Update: played a few levels of episode 1 yesterday. Update: played a few more levels yesterday. Update: episode 1 completed. Update: making some progress in episode 2. Update: episode 2 complete. Update: episode 3 in progress. Update: on hold. Put my Argent Technologies 486 DX 33 away. Playing games on nullmodem right now.

    Finish a couple of Pirates! Gold games. Update: on hold.

    Finish Syndicate: progressing. On hold. Same reason as Wolfenstein 3D.

    Finish Doom: episode 1 completed. On hold. Same reason as Wolfenstein 3D.

    Find a website where I can download FLIs. Update: no idea where to find those. Update: in progress. Update: on hold.

    Install Word for Windows 6.0 on my Argent 486 DX 33. Update: first attempt failed yesterday (bad diskette). Update: on hold.

    Check out a Dictaphone system. Shipped today from GA. Update: received it. Very clean. CR2032 installed. 3.5" DS/HD FDD works great. 16MB RAM installed. Has Vibra 16 on MOBO which also works. Popped in an IDE HDD which works and boots MS-DOS. Keyboard PS/2 port works great. Need to test mouse PS/2 port. LPT port works great: used it to pump data from my Argent Technologies 486 DX 33 to this machine. COMPLETED

    Test a NEC MultiSpin 3Xi with a caddy: three caddies en route from eBay. Update: caddies arrived today. Will try to test it all sometime this week. Update: wrong caddies received: do not fit. On hold for now. Update: caddie is loaded automatically when CD-ROM is powered on. CD-ROM throws back an E on the LCD when an audio or factory data CD is loaded. Unit has been recycled. COMPLETED

    Test a MPU-401 with a MIF-IPC-B. Update: appears to work: awaiting MIDI cable to confirm 100%. Update: put a back plate on the ISA PCB. Took it from a parallel ISA PCB I got cheap on eBay. COMPLETED

    Test whether 2X 4MB 72PIN FPM work in my Argent 486 DX 33. Update: en route. Update: works great! COMPLETED

    Source AVGA2 DOS utilities. Update: in progress through proxy in SE. Update: received & works great! COMPLETED

    Test a CT1770. Update: en route. Update: received: works great! COMPLETED

    Install AVGA Windows 3.1 drivers on my Argent 486 DX 33. Update: needs Windows 3.0 installation diskettes. Need to create those. Update: files were in WINDOWS directory rather than WIN31. Go figure. COMPLETED

    Test an IDE HDD & RLL/MFM HDD. Part of the IBM PS/ValuePoint P60/D lot. Probably dead but want to check anyway. Update: MFK/RLL is dead: already in recycling. IDE: will try tomorrow. Update: IDE also dead: recycled. COMPLETED

    Source Philips MS-DOS 4.01. Update: in progress through seller in SK. Update: waiting to leave SK. Update: is in the US & en route. Update: reached FL but keeps bouncing around. Hopefully Tuesday. Update: arrived finally. Package was lost for a day or two. P 3238 system manual was still shrink wrapped and has system utilities disk in pristine condition. Cool story: seller found it an abandoned SK government building on top of library bookshelves. COMPLETED

    Test the 5.25" FDDs I got with the IBM PS/ValuePoint & TURBO 55 286: in progress: waiting for DS/HD 5.25" diskettes I bought on eBay: en route. Update: still en route. Update: IBM 5.25” FDD dead: in recycling. TURBO 55 5.25” FDD works. Still waiting for 10 pack to arrive. Update: pack arrived. Need to create boot disk. Will be a bit of an operation: need to hook up Pentium MOBO to an AT PSU and then attach an ISA VGA and PCI SCSI + FDD & HDD to create boot disk. Update: works great. Managed to get the ST-01 to work great with the ST-157N on the TURBO 55 (really a Samsung 550). COMPLETED

    Wait for a MIF-IPC-B replacement: the one I bought two weeks ago died. Update: mailed back #1: waiting for #2 to be shipped. Update: return package was lost. Called the USPS hotline: case created. Postmaster of the destination post office responded. Called them: package found and should be delivered tomorrow. Update: wrong package identified yesterdY. Package still MIA. Seller sent replacement anyway (very courteous). Update: received. COMPLETED

    Restore a NCR 3227. Update: en route. Update: still en route. Update: waiting: maybe tomorrow: probably next week. Update: DOA: mailing it back Tuesday. Update: en route back to TX. Update: refund received. COMPLETED

    Decide whether or not to acquire a ST-296N for the Samsung S550. On hold. Update: decided against it. COMPLETED

    Source a Philips serial mouse: in progress: need to pay seller in NL. Update: seller paid: waiting for shipping. Update: shipped. Update: received it yesterday: dead. Will have it repaired (when possible) when I get around to having the DS12887 socket installed on my Philips P 3238 MOBO. On hold. Update: works fine on a ISA 16BIT I/O PCB I plugged in to my Pentium MOBO. Weird! COMPLETED

    Restore a NEC PowerMate SX/20: in progress: en route. Update: should arrive today. Update: needs DS1287 replacement. Update: still waiting on two from CN for the Digital Starion 200i & IBM PS/ValuePoint P60/D. Update: still waiting. Update: machine going to new home tomorrow. COMPLETED

    Clean a generic 486 DX2 66 VLB case, test the FDD / HDD / CD-ROM / CT2800 and install a Pentium 100 MOBO. Update: works great! Had to toss the PSU and CD-ROM. Popped in a different PSU & CD-ROM. COMPLETED

    Restore a Digital Starion 200i. Update: waiting for shipping. Update: en route. Update: received: in great shape: flawed CD-ROM, IDE does not boot & needs DS12887 replacement. Update: DS12887 shipped from CN. Update: waiting: early/mid-March probably. Update: still waiting. Update: still waiting. Update: still waiting. Update: ordered USA based DS12887As today. Update: DS12887As arrived today. Popped one in the Starion: works like a champ! COMPLETED

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    My list gets bigger each time I look through my stuff....

    IBM P60/D
    Fix DS1287 issue and then see how it runs. Will load Win98SE onto it, assuming it all works fine

    IBM 100DX4/Dp
    Fix HDD with IDE-SATA or IDE-CF. Once tht is resolved I will load it with Win95B

    Stored away and condition unknown. So, get it out, give it a clean, and see what needs to be done to get it going. First thing will be replace the power supply capacitors before switching it on.

    Fixed it, but has an intermittent Parity error which I need to resolve. Just need to repaint the grey shell and fix the parity error and she will be all done. Mind you, I did find an old 286 Accelerator card for a 5150/5160, so might give that a whirl for shits & giggles.

    IBM PC 5150 + 5161
    Got an old twin floppy 5150 and 5161 with 2 x 10M full height HDD. So, that is on the to-do list.

    IBM P70D
    Need to look at this old luggable to see if it works, and try and fix it if required.... which I am sure it will.

    Central Data 2650 SBC
    SBC stuff is more my deal as opposed to "later" machines like above. Fully operational but needs to be expanded and housed in a nice box, and also code up C64 keyboard. Currently I use an AIM65 to act as a keyboard but this isn't the best use for an AIM65, so will build/code a small 3-chip 8085 set-up to read the C64 keyboard and generate the relevant parallel ASCII code to feed the 2650 system.

    Intel SBC80/20
    Not working. Think it has an issue with the clock circuit.

    Intel MDS 225
    Screen died a year ago. Looks like power supply section to the CRT.

    Intel MDS IV
    Got a bad IO card which needs to be fixed. Not on my priority at the moment as I have another MDS IV which is working fine.

    Old Z80 based home computer. I think it was called Genie80 or maybe something similar overseas. Has expansion board and CRT.

    Northstar Horizon
    Backplane has bad tant caps, so need to fix them, then go through my S100 boards and see what I got.

    Small TI 9980-based SBC, learning board. Got it yonks ago and was in bad way with broken tracks and chips ripped off. Most of it is done but needs a check over and burn a new EPROM

    Altai 8800B CPU Rev 1
    Old badly abused CPU board that I am rescuing. Not sure what to do with it when done, as I don't have an Altair system to use it. I may use it in a home-brew S100 system, or make my own Altair as I have all the cct diagrams and plenty of wire-wrap to crank out my own.

    She don't work and looks like the EPROMS. Have almost finished typing in the original code so I can x-assemble it. When done I will burn to a single 2716 (original uses 4 x 512byte) and jury rig a daughter board to run the code. Also got a set of 5 new sockets as most of the original ones are cracked.

    SfS85 Development System
    Home brewed 8085 system which I am doing more work on. Currently expanding the monitor code by adding a disassembler and cleaning up a few other things in the code. Using it as a basis for small home built SOS (Silicon Operating System) to be able to load/save programs.

    Motorola MicroModule
    Got two of these small old systems, and currently writing a small monitor for them to get them operational.

    And no doubt there is other stuff. The above list is fairly fluid and depending on my mood and time some things will get fixed and other will be left waiting.


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