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Thread: What's your vintage computer to do list look like for 2018?

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    Got the ethernet switch today. Managed to get two NE2000 clones and a 3C509 working. Doom works great with 3 PCs on IPX. Need to experiment with the other two NE2000 clones. One did not work earlier: tried two different ethernet cables. Also have a PCI 3COM I could try.

    Turns out the ethernet cable is fine. So will need to figure out what is going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Amiga500 View Post
    Yes. We have to do something about that. I suggest we all delay the coming of 2019 - at least for a couple years until we get everything sorted out.
    Clearly most of us have been doing that since the 80's, which explains our vintage computer collection.
    -- Brian

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2icebitn View Post
    Tecmar 5160 clone
    Make that 5161 clone.

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    Don't want to jinx myself, but my to-do list for the remainder of 2018 and a healthy chunk of 2019 consists of A. getting my SBC6120 kit up and running, and B. hacking up a small game project for it. Gonna try and see if I can't actually exhibit something at VCFW for once
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    1. Get my RC2014 working.
    2. Fix my Tandy 1100FD.
    3. Make a SD/TPDD for my Tandy 102.
    4. Make more software for my Radio Shack PC-2's plotter.

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    Got all four NE2000s from SI to work. One I figured out by removing the sticker from the controller chip. I then downloaded the configuration utility. One needed media auto select to be turned on. All four work fine with generic LSL, NE2000 and IPXODI. Played Doom and C&C successfully already.

    The new issues are that my Dictaphone Pentium 133 appears to have a bad PS/2 mouse port and the serial mouse I bought for the generic Pentium 200 does not scroll down properly. Never a dull moment.

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    1. Find an IBM PS/2 Model 95 or 90 XP
    2. Find a MCA soundcard or get that Parallel LPT sound card thing
    3. Get WFW3.11 to use all 12 MB of RAM on my PS/2 Model 80 (only sees 4MB)
    4. Clean the Model 80 inside, dusty as heeeeellll.
    Looking For:
    ISA Floppy Controller with BIOS
    IBM PS/2 Server 95 (9595, 8595 or iterations thereof)
    IBM PS/2 Model 90 XP - Preferably a non-functional one/ or just the case.
    MCA sound cards
    IBM PC Server 720/others

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    For the remainder of 2018, my current biggest obstacle is either aligning my Zorba's floppy drives (With a transplant to my PC/XT so I can use ImgDisk to gauge their shape) or finding someone with a scope, a cateye disk and the time to do it for me once i've got cash to commission with.

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    Restore an IBM PS/ValuePoint P60/D. Update: en route. Update: received: in great shape: needs DS12887 replacement. Update: DS12887 shipped from CN. Update: waiting: early/mid-March probably. Update: still waiting. Update: still waiting. Update: still waiting. Update: ordered USA based DS12887As today. Update: had to order a replacement PSU: put it in a generic 486DX2 66 where I plugged in the IBM PS/ValuePoint P60Ds PSU. Update: received the DS12887As from CN. Update: on hold. Update: still on hold. Took the RAM out and put in my Dictaphone Pentium 133. Update: not sure what to do with this machine next so on hold. Update: in case it does not sell I may try the DS1287 hack: that may do the trick.

    Have a DS12887 socket installed on my Philips P 3238 MOBO. Update: on hold until late February / sometime in March. Update: April or May. Update: Q3. Update: on the way to OR tomorrow! Exciting! Thank you Chuck! Update: received & works great. Need to source a 100MB IDE HDD at some point.

    Figure out what HDD controller is installed in the Vendex HeadStart III and find a HDD once I do (ESDI probably). Will use a ST-01 with ST-157N for now.

    Part out a Trion 386 DX 33 (has a 486 DX 33 MOBO). BIOS chip found a new home. Once I take the MOBO out of the case I am curious to learn whether battery acid ate through traces on the bottom. MOBO was fine. Parts sold. Will recycle the case soon.

    Setup a LAN with four NE2000s with Pentiums/Celerons to play C&C Generals, WarCraft, Duke 3D, Doom and Doom 2. Any maybe other LAN games. NE2000s on the way from SI. [B]COMPLETED[B]

    Source one more white LCD locally. Already sourced three. Update: still working on this.

    Finish all episodes of Wolfenstein 3D. Update: played a few levels of episode 1 yesterday. Update: played a few more levels yesterday. Update: episode 1 completed. Update: making some progress in episode 2. Update: episode 2 complete. Update: episode 3 in progress. Update: on hold. Put my Argent Technologies 486 DX 33 away. Playing games on null modem right now. Update: on hold.

    Finish a couple of Pirates! Gold games. Update: on hold.

    Finish Syndicate: progressing. On hold. Same reason as Wolfenstein 3D. Update: on hold.

    Finish Doom: episode 1 completed. On hold. Same reason as Wolfenstein 3D. Update: on hold.

    Find a website where I can download FLIs. Update: no idea where to find those. Update: in progress. Update: on hold.

    Install Word for Windows 6.0 on my Argent 486 DX 33. Update: first attempt failed yesterday (bad diskette). Update: on hold.

    Check out a Dictaphone system. Shipped today from GA. Update: received it. Very clean. CR2032 installed. 3.5" DS/HD FDD works great. 16MB RAM installed. Has Vibra 16 on MOBO which also works. Popped in an IDE HDD which works and boots MS-DOS. Keyboard PS/2 port works great. Need to test mouse PS/2 port. LPT port works great: used it to pump data from my Argent Technologies 486 DX 33 to this machine. COMPLETED

    Test a NEC MultiSpin 3Xi with a caddy: three caddies en route from eBay. Update: caddies arrived today. Will try to test it all sometime this week. Update: wrong caddies received: do not fit. On hold for now. Update: caddie is loaded automatically when CD-ROM is powered on. CD-ROM throws back an E on the LCD when an audio or factory data CD is loaded. Unit has been recycled. COMPLETED

    Test a MPU-401 with a MIF-IPC-B. Update: appears to work: awaiting MIDI cable to confirm 100%. Update: put a back plate on the ISA PCB. Took it from a parallel ISA PCB I got cheap on eBay. COMPLETED

    Test whether 2X 4MB 72PIN FPM work in my Argent 486 DX 33. Update: en route. Update: works great! COMPLETED

    Source AVGA2 DOS utilities. Update: in progress through proxy in SE. Update: received & works great! COMPLETED

    Test a CT1770. Update: en route. Update: received: works great! COMPLETED

    Install AVGA Windows 3.1 drivers on my Argent 486 DX 33. Update: needs Windows 3.0 installation diskettes. Need to create those. Update: files were in WINDOWS directory rather than WIN31. Go figure. COMPLETED

    Test an IDE HDD & RLL/MFM HDD. Part of the IBM PS/ValuePoint P60/D lot. Probably dead but want to check anyway. Update: MFK/RLL is dead: already in recycling. IDE: will try tomorrow. Update: IDE also dead: recycled. COMPLETED

    Source Philips MS-DOS 4.01. Update: in progress through seller in SK. Update: waiting to leave SK. Update: is in the US & en route. Update: reached FL but keeps bouncing around. Hopefully Tuesday. Update: arrived finally. Package was lost for a day or two. P 3238 system manual was still shrink wrapped and has system utilities disk in pristine condition. Cool story: seller found it an abandoned SK government building on top of library bookshelves. COMPLETED

    Test the 5.25" FDDs I got with the IBM PS/ValuePoint & TURBO 55 286: in progress: waiting for DS/HD 5.25" diskettes I bought on eBay: en route. Update: still en route. Update: IBM 5.25” FDD dead: in recycling. TURBO 55 5.25” FDD works. Still waiting for 10 pack to arrive. Update: pack arrived. Need to create boot disk. Will be a bit of an operation: need to hook up Pentium MOBO to an AT PSU and then attach an ISA VGA and PCI SCSI + FDD & HDD to create boot disk. Update: works great. Managed to get the ST-01 to work great with the ST-157N on the TURBO 55 (really a Samsung 550). COMPLETED

    Wait for a MIF-IPC-B replacement: the one I bought two weeks ago died. Update: mailed back #1: waiting for #2 to be shipped. Update: return package was lost. Called the USPS hotline: case created. Postmaster of the destination post office responded. Called them: package found and should be delivered tomorrow. Update: wrong package identified yesterdY. Package still MIA. Seller sent replacement anyway (very courteous). Update: received. COMPLETED

    Restore a NCR 3227. Update: en route. Update: still en route. Update: waiting: maybe tomorrow: probably next week. Update: DOA: mailing it back Tuesday. Update: en route back to TX. Update: refund received. COMPLETED

    Decide whether or not to acquire a ST-296N for the Samsung S550. On hold. Update: decided against it. COMPLETED

    Source a Philips serial mouse: in progress: need to pay seller in NL. Update: seller paid: waiting for shipping. Update: shipped. Update: received it yesterday: dead. Will have it repaired (when possible) when I get around to having the DS12887 socket installed on my Philips P 3238 MOBO. On hold. Update: works fine on a ISA 16BIT I/O PCB I plugged in to my Pentium MOBO. Weird! COMPLETED

    Restore a NEC PowerMate SX/20: in progress: en route. Update: should arrive today. Update: needs DS1287 replacement. Update: still waiting on two from CN for the Digital Starion 200i & IBM PS/ValuePoint P60/D. Update: still waiting. Update: machine going to new home tomorrow. COMPLETED

    Clean a generic 486 DX2 66 VLB case, test the FDD / HDD / CD-ROM / CT2800 and install a Pentium 100 MOBO. Update: works great! Had to toss the PSU and CD-ROM. Popped in a different PSU & CD-ROM. COMPLETED

    Restore a Digital Starion 200i. Update: waiting for shipping. Update: en route. Update: received: in great shape: flawed CD-ROM, IDE does not boot & needs DS12887 replacement. Update: DS12887 shipped from CN. Update: waiting: early/mid-March probably. Update: still waiting. Update: still waiting. Update: still waiting. Update: ordered USA based DS12887As today. Update: DS12887As arrived today. Popped one in the Starion: works like a champ! COMPLETED


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