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Thread: What's your vintage computer to do list look like for 2018?

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    ...and it is 2019 already...

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    For 2019, I need to finish 2018 projects. I have some 1702As I'm suppose to read. I have a PC board still in the design stage. Also a number of projects I want to start but need to clean up the ones I've started first.

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    Looking back on my 2018 list, I accomplished quite a bit.
    Unfortunately, virtually none of it was actually on that list.

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    My 2018 accomplishments were pretty sad. A lot of half done projects because 1) I needed a part (either a 3 month trip from China or something that is rare and can't find it yet), 2) needs more research or decision on best approach, or 3) relies on completion of another project (likely stuck on #1 or #2).

    I've stopped actively aquiring things but passively keep aquiring project equipment from friends who don't have the time or inclination to do their projects
    -- Brian

    Working Systems: Apple IIe/II+/Mac+/Mac 512k, Atari 800/520STFM, Commodore 64/Amiga 3000/PET 4032/SX-64, IBM PS/1 2121-B82, Kaypro II, Osborne 1, Tandy 1000 SX, TI-99/4A, TRS-80 Model 4 GA
    Project Systems: Amstrad PCW 8256, Kaypro 2/84 (Bad Chips: 81-194, 81-189).

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    I saved a few disks from Oblivion. Mostly compilers. For that I'm joyous though.

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    2019's laundry list so far...
    -Fix up my PC/XT. Needs a new floppy drive...again.
    -Snag an Apple IIe

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    Sadly 2019's list now contains 'repair Amstrad PCW8512'. Think the power supply has gone as I have no 12v line and most of the external interface bus lines are sitting at around 2.6v

    First however I have to finish building another pair of modern retro Z80 systems.

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    My 2019 electronics projects include:

    1. Finishing the 4004 clock/display computer (hardware 99% built, no firmware yet)
    2. Finishing the 4040 clock/display computer (hardware 99% built, no firmware yet - if I finish #1, #2 should be easy)
    3. Building a 2708 programmer (hardware 80% built, no firmware). I don't really need this immediately, but I have a good number of white ceramic 2708's that would really be more period correct for my projects than 2716's.
    4. Building a 2716/2708 promulator (hardware 99% built, no firmware). this is needed for #1 and #2 firmware development - the way I write things, I use a lot of burn and learn cycles.
    5. Organizing my electronic components

    #3 and #4 will force me to make friends with MPLAB X/Pickit3 for PIC's, which did not leave me with a very good impression a few years ago. The newer version seems better so far. I had been accustomed to the speed and ease of MPLAB8/ICD2.
    I'm fairly certain that I have the development environment set for everything else.
    Unlike 2018, I'm not seeing anything that will distract me although I'll be working on cars in the summer and fall.

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    2018 - Obtained a Pet 3032, TRS-80 model 4, Apple II europlus, C64, Spectrum 48K, ZX81
    Apple II - PSU repaired (Failed Caps, failed rectifier), Keyboard (snapped key stalk), Z80 Softcard (failed hex tri-state buffer), Disk II x 2 (stuck head + dirty head)
    Spectrum, keyboard membrane replaced
    ZX81 - Dead !
    C64 - Dead !
    Pet - stuck keyboard repaired

    2019 - Finish up on the Apple II europlus getting software in place and fixing cassette out port
    Fire up the TRS-80 for the first time in 30 years since I last saw it working at work
    Start investigating the C64 and find a new ULA for the ZX.

    but first.............TIDY UP THE WORKSHOP !!!


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