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Thread: Final reminder! :) VCF Pacific Northwest is THIS WEEKEND

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    There are many show and museum pictures here:

    If you visited and have pictures you can share please do - that is a Google shared photo album. Your name is attached to the picture even in the shared photo album.

    Not a Google fan? Send me the pictures directly and I'll add them so that your name stays on the photo credit.

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    Here's a pile that I took: (these are mostly from the basement & third floor restoration lab) - there are some dupes due to Imgur going stupid on me.

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    Here is a Hackaday article on the show. (They sent one of their staff to visit us on Saturday.)

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    Oh Man! What a bunch of GREAT pictures. I started having flashbacks from last weekend as I looked through them all. That was a terrific show. Thanks everyone for the pictures and the memories!



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