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Thread: CC-40 Multicart and module dumps/manual scans

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    Default CC-40 Multicart and module dumps/manual scans

    We have a thread going on over at Atari Age with a MultiCart binary and scans for all the CC-40 peripherals and module manuals.

    Please feel free to drop by and contribute if you have anything that's missing!

    Note: I'm also looking for TI-74 ROMs and manuals to start another thread. Also trying to source the female edge card connector used on the carts so we can make a multicart.

    Mathematics $50.00 (SRP 198 Library (ROM)
    Statistics $50.00 (SRP 198 Library (ROM)
    Learn Pascal $50.00 (SRP 198 Library (ROM)
    Finance $50.00 (SRP 198 Library (ROM)
    Chemical Engineering $50.00 (SRP 198 Library (ROM)

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    I have the Statistics and the Finance modules, but no documentation to go along with them.

    The Finance module has a keyboard overlay - I do have that.



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