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Thread: IBM PC Jr & IBM PC 5150, MS-DOS Issues

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    Post IBM PC Jr & IBM PC 5150, MS-DOS Issues

    I have recently encountered issues with my only MS-DOS 2.11 disk. It give me a "Missing Command Interpreter" And then the system crashes. F.Y.I. I have tried both my systems and have had no luck, i even went as far as to clean the disk taking me more than an half an hour. If someone could send me a new disk, or some how tell me how to fix this as i have reached a dead end.

    Thanks for reading, Chris

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    I just checked and I have the original disks and manual that came with mine. There are 3 disks, DOS, Supplimental Programs, and PCjr Memory Managerment They seem to be in perfect shape. I was able to boot from the DOS disk and read the directories of the other two. I sent you a PM. They also seem to be available on WinWorld.
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    Missing command interpreter usually means just that. Either it was inadvertently erased/overwritten by software or the disk developed a bad spot. Always back up your software

    If you are sure it wasn't erased, and the disk looked good, you might also check the drive itself to make sure the heads didn't get fouled. Although I would not expect the exact same result on both machines.

    Ideally you might want to set up a "tweener", a ~Pentium era machine with an on board floppy controller that supports 360k drives and has networking so you can easily shuttle information and disk images back and forth.

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