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Thread: Odd Commodore 64 design?

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    Default Odd Commodore 64 design?

    Found a Commodore 64 that looks like the breadbin and C64C combined on eBay: does anyone find the design odd? It looked like it was repaired by an Aussie or the case was purchased from Southern Australia. I'll put this here:

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    Thirty years ago, you could buy a "C" style case from a catalog, for use with the earlier style gubbins.

    It was being sold for improved cooling. I'm surprised this isn't seen more often.

    Having never bought one, I don't know if they were genuine Commodore parts with vents, or some aftermarket thing like this one.

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    This was an aftermarket case, to make your old 64 look like the new 64C when it came out:

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    Interesting. I've never seen a case like that for a C64, and I was 3 when they discontinued the C64 back in 1994.

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    I had one of those. It's a cool design but the case itself was pretty cheaply made. Not all that common these days but they did sell a number of them.

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    Purchased the system.

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    If I recall it had a hole for adding a reset switch and
    for some reason the name lazer pops into my head
    when I think about it..
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