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Thread: Odd Commodore 64 design?

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    Commodore 69?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown_K View Post
    I wish they made the C64 in the color scheme of the C16.
    Is this close enough?

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    You would need new keycaps as well.
    What I collect: 68K/Early PPC Mac, DOS/Win 3.1 era machines, Amiga/ST, C64/128
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    I had one of these computers several years ago. But, because it wasn’t “THE” Commodore I was looking for. I was and still want only those early computers I had direct experience with. So I did some looking and finally found a VCF member. I basically gsve it away by selling it on Ebay. In the end, I was given a pickup load of vintage computers, parts, and components. Athe time, my lifelong best friend Ed Hall, and I went through everything to find at least 7 commodore systems, among other systems. Needless to say, Ed and I were like in the toy department at Sears.

    Now though, we’sold almost all of the Commodore computers, leaving the rest to Ed, or Ebay. I made a deal with an IBM 5161 Expansion Unit. Any way we made a deal where he would ship me one of his Commodore Monitor if I would troubleshoot his IBM 5161 components, the extender, and reciever cards as well as the cable that connects everything together. So basically I’m getting thr monitor for free. Hell, I had to open my PC and expansion unit anyway to remove the battery on my AST Plus.

    When I go to work, it should take no more than 1 to 2 hours. Then I’ll pay to ship the IBM components back to the original member of VCF, and I’m done. So now I would like to complete just one working Commodore system that I will keep, and add it to my vintage computer collection. I just need to know what system peripherals I need to complete a decent setup I can use to show at Eugene Oregon library. Any advice?
    Wanted: - Complete SERIES ONE TRS-80, IBM 5170 AT, Original authentic IBM 5100 Portable, IBM 5151 Monitor. Also looking for Packard Bell 75Mhz computer, Commodore Pet w. Built-in cassette drive, amber 12 CRT, Mac SE-30 hard disk to replace the bad drive currently installed, TRS-80 Coco series 1 upgrades including memory, IBM PC 5160 compatible CD ROM.

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    The only thing you really need is a disk drive and maybe a pair of joysticks. I like to have a printer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KC9UDX View Post
    The only thing you really need is a disk drive and maybe a pair of joysticks. I like to have a printer.
    What about a CBM D9060 ?


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