Selling a 64K Z80 based Japanese computer. This is a MSX1 platform. Includes 2 games, joypad and a RARE English manual. Ships from USA.

The NEC PC-8001MKII is a Japanese 8bit computer released in Japan in 1982. It was purchased in Japan and carefully shipped to America.The PC8001MKII is an updated version of the pioneering PC-8001 computer NEC released in 1979. This is just an awesome machine, very powerful for its time. It runs a µPD 780C-1 (Z80 Compatible) clocking at 4MHz. It has 64Kb RAM which is pretty awesome for 1982. More impressive yet, it displays graphic resolutions of 320×200 (8 Colors) or 640×200 monochrome. The system supports a B/W composite and a color RGB connection. We have include a document so you can build a 8pin (round) DIN cable to 15pin VGA cable. (Parts available on eBay. Soldering skills required.) The crisp screenshot you see was taken on a standard American LCD monitor with 15pin VGA input. Remember, the power outlets in Japan are 100V so we recommend a 110V to 100V transformer (available online) for safe vintage computing.

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