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Thread: Ti pc

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    I'd like to get the IMD images for the TIPC CP/M-86.

    When I was at TI we had a lot of TIPCs and TIBPs with 3Com Ethernet cards (3C501 IIRC)..

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    Does anyone know if there is TIPC emulation available in MESS?

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    I got one of the portable version with the color monitor from my dad (Hard drive/floppy set). Display, drive seem to work fine, but his parents lost the keyboard cable years ago. I've tried using an AT/MiniDin6 cable, as well as another TI keyboard, but it refuses to connect (keyboard error - 0010).

    Does anyone know the pinouts for the keyboard cable by chance or where to look for it? I've been looking everywhere, but can't find anything on it.

    Thank you.


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