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Thread: FS: Large Complete TRS-80 Model I Level II setup w/software Percom Doubler & More

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    Default FS: Large Complete TRS-80 Model I Level II setup w/software Percom Doubler & More

    Unfortunately, I'm in a situation where I need to sell this beauty even though I got it so recently. Being a college student, I really dont have much cash to spare.

    It's a TRS-80 Model I Level II with the Video Display (mfg. early 1979), Expansion Interface (w/Percom Doubler daughterboard, Official TRS-80 Mini Disk, and Percom double density drive. It's in great working condition. I thoroughly cleaned the system (and carefully hand washed the dust covers), but I left the hand-written labels on as they are a part of the machine's history. I also ran the TRS-DOS test software that checks the ROM and all of the RAM, and it passed wonderfully. Judging by the labels on the floppies, this guy was used at least up until 1987, so it looks to have been taken care of well.

    Boots up and loads floppies wonderfully from Drive #0. I unfortunately can't seem to get anything to load off of the Percom drive, though I am not sure if it's due to me not knowing how to use it properly, or if something in the drive has gone bad.The LED does light up when you run the DIR command of the drive. (I'm chocking it up to me not knowing how to use it due to the lack of documentation, but I cant really be sure).

    It has quite a bit of software with it. The disks are primarily different versions of DOS with different software on each floppy. Quite handily (at least for a TRS-80 noob like me) the original owner wrote good descriptions and instructions on many of the disks and sleeves. Also has 8 titles on casette(no recorder unfortunately), with the most interesting one by far being Super Nova, with the original instructions.

    Documentation includes TRS-80 Basic Level 2 guides, A TRS-80 start-up guide, the massive visicalc manual, original Percom Patch Pak documentation and instructions, NEWDOS 2.0 reference guide, and plenty more.

    Here's a large album, with many different photos of the computer and software. I'm really not too sure on the price, though one with far less acessories/software sold for $506 on ebay recently. I am willing to ship, and will pack it excessively well, splitting it into 2, or possibly 3 boxes for extra safety and protection.

    Feel free to ask any questions please :)


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    Oh, also thought I'd mention that for the time being at least I'm not really wanting to part it out. It's been kept together for nearly 40 years, so I think it's best that way

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    Well, it's up on eBay now since I couldn't get any interest here. It's up to 14 watchers in under 24 hours, so looks like it should sell sooner or later.

    I'll still sell it to anyone here that's interested, though

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    It has been sold.

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