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Thread: Votrax Type N Talk working set up

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    Default Votrax Type N Talk working set up

    There are some old threads that seem to trail off without resolution so I thought I'd post about my success and offer help, if I can.

    I recently acquired a Type N Talk and am able to use it via TeraTerm on a Microsoft Surface via a serial to USB cable and a home-made cable that came with the unit. I cannot go direct with just the USB to serial cable as I have to attach this cable in the mix. I don't think it's a null modem cable but I should double check.

    I was further able to use it with an Apple IIe with Adventure Land from the Scott Adam Adventure Series. This is using a straight 25 pin serial cable and does not use the home-made cable. I posted a Youtube video demonstrating this here

    Next challenge is to get it to work with a VIC-20 and Adventure Land. I am in the process of acquiring the VIC-1011a (RS232 interface) and the Adventure Land cartridge to see if I can get this to work.

    Anyway, if anyone needs any help with the cable, I'd be happy to jot down the pinout of the cable I have.

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    Did you ever get it working with your VIC-20 and Adventureland? I got mine working today:

    A Commodore VIC-20 running Adventureland with a Votrax Type ‘n Talk:

    I need to try to get it working on my Apple IIe next, like you.

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    I built an entire replica Votrax TNT, including the pcb. In the process of doing this I found that Votrax had designed their system so that neither a straight cable or a null modem cable would allow two way communication, the required cable was in fact a hybrid of the two.

    I wrote a detailed article about it, and the required cable connections are explained here:

    In my own TNT pcb version, I modified the pcb wiring to use a common straight cable, and this could easily be done on the original TNT. Most of the time, the issue was not noticed because people were simply sending data to the TNT and not wanting to receive data from it.


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