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Thread: Dictaphone Pentium 133

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    Hooked this machine up in Duke Nukem 3D with a nullmodem cable to my Digital Starion 200i. Works great 1V1.

    Quake runs very nicely at higher resolutions as well.
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    Played WarCraft today. Ran great. Command & Conquer appears to work. Not on the ofher machine unfortunately.

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    That machine was likely built by AST or by whoever AST sourced their machines from. The design is very similar to their desktops of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njroadfan View Post
    That machine was likely built by AST or by whoever AST sourced their machines from. The design is very similar to their desktops of the time.
    I'm going to +1 that.
    The chassis looks very, very similar to an AST machine I had once with a pre-MMX Pentium CPU. It was so long ago I can't say for sure that it was the same, though. I do know the front bezel was different but the drive bays and power switch were placed in the same locations, and the interior layout looks the same. The AST I'm remembering used the same type of terminals for the front panel LEDs as well (those IDC type things).

    The board even looks familiar, but there's no way I could say that with confidence.
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    The MOBO is very unique. It has a lot of SIMM slots and VGA RAM pins. Plus integrated VIBRA 16.

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    I believe this is a machine built by Intel, actually. I have a Pentium Pro machine on an Intel AP440FX motherboard in this exact case. I have also seen Pentium rigs in this case, too. It's also called "Intel Premiere LPX desktop" here.

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    The integrated Vibra 16 is interesting, sound cards on the board for desktops wasn't super common until Pentium II boxes as far as I'm aware.

    The case looks kinda like a Packard Bell Legend to me, but clearly jheronimus hit the nail on the head - definitely the LPX desktop case on that page.
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    Cool. Not sure whether my machine survived the storage unit I put it in. Will know more in two weeks time.

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    Why? Was the storage unit involved in a natural/weather disaster?
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    Nope. But I just put stuff in there in a hurry.


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