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Thread: TRS 80 font color mandela effect

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    Default TRS 80 font color mandela effect

    20 years ago or so I used to play around on a TRS-80. I believe it was a model II. I distinctly remember it having green text. I came across an image of one recently and it had white text. More google image search results showed white text.

    I'm wondering if I'm running into the Mandela effect or if some of these actually sported green text instead of white.

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    The Model II originally came with a black & white CRT. However, it was (and still is) popular to replace it with a green phosphor CRT, which gives a sharper image. You could also get a green anti-glare filter to put over it, such as shown on the Model I below.

    And the Model II was replaced by the Model 12, which was largely similar but came with a green CRT -- so maybe you were actually using a Model 12 rather than a Model II? After the Model 12 there was also the Model 16 and finally the Tandy 6000.

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    The Model II was always a white screen during its entire life from 1979-1982. The Model 16 was released in 1982 with a green screen and white case but the same form factor as the Model II. That may be where the confusion lies. I have seen a few Model IIs with green screens, but they were aftermarket upgrades. I personally don't like the color combination of silver case with green screen. Now, amber...that would be hot!


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