Some of you have probably heard mumblings online about how someone's doing an IMSAI MPU-A reproduction. Behold:

Gary Kaufman had a blank IMSAI MPU-A scanned and did a prototype run of boards. This is the same scanning technique that we've used on the OSI reproduction boards and my SSM IO-2 reproduction. I tweaked the Gerber files for him and added info regarding the design's status as a reproduction. Gary will be selling production-run blank boards soonish at around $30-40 per board depending on final costs. The boards will be run with hard gold edge plating (the prototype above is HASL, of course). I'll be building up a few parts kits for these boards.

Intel 8216 bus buffers replaced with their Soviet clone counterpart:

Running in my IMSAI:

You can see garbage from the Polymorphic VTI on the little monitor; it hasn't been initialized yet. I dropped in a ROM board with the Vector Graphic ROM monitor with VTI drivers:

It lives! Full album here: