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Thread: 486 Sewing Machine

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    Funny, I have what seems to be the regular ISA version of the same NIC. It came in a Dolch PAC 64 network analyzer, which had another card from Network General as well.

    Rather large photos:,,

    Perhaps it is the exact same card and I mistook the card in the OP's machine for EISA due to the slot it's in.
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    Whoa, DUDE!

    That computer is CRAZY hard to find! (About as hard to find as the Toshiba T3200SXC.)

    Nice find, though!

    I do like the fact that you're calling it a sewing machine computer. XD
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    krebizfan: So I think the reason why I could not unzip the split file was because I was trying to use a self unzipping executable. I just now split the tile into two zip files (1 .zip and 1 .z01), but I cannot figure out how to recombine them. I tried just pkunzip on the .zip, but it came back with a bunch of errors. Is there a special command for this? Any ideas?

    mR_Slug: Thanks a bunch for the EISA drivers, I don't think I would have ever found them otherwise. You can change the line at the top of the page to indicate "of interest to ~6 people" now.

    MrArgent: USB to serial, interesting idea. I'll keep it in mind if the other solutions don't work.

    Mad-Mike: Thanks for the info on the system. I was able to find SP1368 and SP1234 on the HP website, but SP3068 does not appear to be available there. Is SP3068 necessary? When I unsuccessfully ran SP1368 in DOSBox, it asked for 3 disks to install on. Is there supposed to be more than 3 disks?

    kishy: Looks like we do have the same NIC. I just assumed it was EISA because of the slot it was in, I suppose it could be a 16 bit ISA card. I only just realized today that 16 bit ISA cards fit into the same slots as EISA. I picked up a Creative Vibra 16 sound card at my local e-waste recycler and it fits in the EISA slot perfectly.

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