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Thread: Urgent! Please read!

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    Default Urgent! Please read!

    As some of you may have already seen in a thread, our forums were hacked and a malicious program was inserted.

    This code was designed to turn visitors computers into bitcoin miners for the hacker.

    We have cleaned the forums and upgraded the software to a newer, more secure version.

    If you are running a current virus scanner or malware detector or are on an OS not subject to these types of incursions then you should be fine.

    If not, please find a program that you can use to scan your system to ensure that you were not infected. My personal favorite is Malwarebytes but there are others out there as well.

    It also wouldn't be a bad idea to change your password.

    Thankfully, if there is any good news to be had, the malware was not destructive and wasn't designed to steal information, just CPU cycles.

    In any case, please accept my personal apologies for the entire situation and any inconvenience caused.

    All the best,

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    It only takes a few minutes to change your password.
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