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Thread: Zenith 8088 laptop

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    Default Zenith 8088 laptop

    Well it's about time I cleaned up, I've got this Zenith Laptop, Model ZWL-184-97, heavy little bugger, that I'd like to get rid of for a nominal fee and shipping. Nominal fee would be at least $50 for the beast and maybe $15 or so for packaging it up. The shipping would be via USPS so whatever I can get it shipped for added.
    PayPal is the ONLY option.

    It comes equipped with a math co-processor, modem, floppy drive, battery pack and "DEAD" internal 20 meg drive.
    I've searched for some time for a HDD for it to no avail.

    The case plastic faded and discolored with age to various shades of tan.
    Obviously it doesn't boot since the hard drive just won't spin up, but did get it to a point where a cursor was on the screen.
    Last time I checked the battery pack, (ZA-180-57), it did hold a good charge. I must have a AC power transformer for it somewhere around here as well. (I hacked together a power supply and I am charging the battery pack now.)

    I remember having to drag one of these to Korea way back to do some work for the government. What an embarrassment, 486 laptops were available, but they made me take a heavy beast like this.

    Bottom line, if no interested parties in maybe 30 days, I probably will trash it. Or at least salvage the battery pack for another project.

    TIA for reading this.


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    Better known as the Zenith Supersport.

    The hard drives in these are known to suffer from stiction. I remember reading about people opening up the drive to get it spinning again -- and that was 15+ years ago!

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