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Thread: Windows 2.x hangs on splash screen

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    A TSR wouldn't help, because Windows drivers only use the BIOS to select a video mode - after that, they operate directly on the hardware.

    The PC1512 is a four-plane extension of CGA, giving 16 colours at 640x200 resolution. Unlike an EGA, it doesn't have any registers allowing accelerated reads / writes of the plane memory, nor does it have the EGA's programmable palette. With an original driver source tree, it might just be a matter of changing a few EQUates and kicking off the build process (that was pretty much all I had to do when building the PC1512 driver for GEM) but with no source, or even disassembled source, it's not straightforward at all.

    As mentioned upthread, there's a Binary Adaptation Kit for Windows 2.x, but I'm not aware of anything similar for Windows 1.x having come to light. With this, a disassembler, and a lot of patience, it's possible to create source trees that build to Windows 1.x drivers, but the actual code is all disassembled so you don't have the names of local variables and so on.

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    I could assist with disassembly. I have the V-Communications Sourcer, BIOS preprocessor v8.01, which copes with various ROMs, executable file formats, VxDs, DLLs, Windows 386+ and OS/2 stuff. As you say though, it can be a long repetitive process to get to a source tree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krebizfan View Post
    If the video card is well documented and similar to a standard card, it should be possible to get a working driver in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, well, I found writing real mode Windows drivers an exercise in frustration. You may have better luck.
    I was thinking about my Philips :YES. Its video hardware is about as capable as CGA, but completely incompatible (there is no dedicated VRAM; the BIOS reduces conventional memory by 57 KB if a graphics mode is selected). The machine itself is based on an 80186, without any PC chipset compatibility (no PIC, PIT, DMAC, KBC, UART, ...). So Windows would definitely require a lot of adaptations, if it is possible at all. Thanks for your insight, though. It would definitely be a long-term project for me.

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    The other consideration is copyright. GEM was open-sourced, so I didn't feel any particular compunction about disassembling binary files and basing drivers on them (as long as the copyright message said they were written by Digital Research and not, eg, Trident or ATI). But Microsoft haven't open-sourced Windows 1.x, so distributing anything derived from the existing Windows 1.x drivers could potentially bring forth the wrath of their legal department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobalt2035 View Post
    I am having the exact same problem with my PC1512 (upgraded to 640KB and NEC V30). I have tried both DOS 3.2 and 5.0 with SETVER. Windows 2.03 freezes on the splash screen.

    However, Windows 1.04 runs fine, even with the Amstrad mouse (got the driver from the Amstrad OEM 2.03 distribution 'MOUSE2.DRV').

    I did have some success on my IBM 5150 loading Windows 2 from a ZIP disk, but exactly the same files would fail when loading from any other source, and they still wouldn't load on the Amstrad. I've drawn the conclusion that it has to be down to some obscure timing issue making the CGA driver fall over when initialising (it freezes at exactly the point that the splash screen should disappear and the desktop background should load).

    Either way, Windows 3.0 always worked perfectly (although it is 4 times bigger than Windows 2 and looks particularly bad in CGA).

    It's odd you still have the problem with a V30 fitted though. As soon as I swapped out the 8088 for a V20 in my IBM 5150 this cured all the problems and it now loads Windows 1/2 fine without any issues at all.


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