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Thread: Tektronix 4052/54 diagnostic ROM pack remade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikola-wan View Post
    Roland,I just noticed you have a 4-slot backplane in your 4052. You may have the only one of those! What were the option codes listed on the labels on the back of your 4052? Tektronix made an Expansion Memory module that fit inside the 4-slot backpack!
    Hi Monty,

    Very nice! But there is nothing special in my 4 slot unit. All the option numbers and also a picture of the insides of the 4 slot unit are in my 4052 topic. Tektronix used a completely different PCB for the version without the serial port, instead of just not populating the unnecessary components. So they were probably very scared that someone built in that few cheap components to get the expensive serial port option. So there is also no option to connect a RAM board in that module.

    But it would be nice if there is documentation about the RAM module. Maybe the guys at the Tek museum have it?

    Regards, Roland

    (btw, there is a four slot 4052 on Epay for an insane price. But option 27 or 28 are not in that machine)
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    I figured out how to get Jos' Diagnostic ROM Pack CRC program to check ROM Packs in the 4050E01 ROM Expander, although it isn't working yet with the MFM ROM Pack.

    The decoder ring was in three different Tektronix manuals - Bank Switch Select Data in the 4052 Technical Data Manual, ROM CRC Test in the Diagnostic ROM Pack manual and the slot addresses in the 4050E01 manual - all captured here:

    Slot 41 in the 4052/4054 backpack has a different bank switch address than the first slot of a ROM Expander plugged into slot 41!
    However, for Tektronix 4050 BASIC to address a ROM pack with IO such as the RS-232 Printer Interface, you will use 41 as the address if that ROM Pack is in slot 1 of a 4050E01 ROM Expander plugged into the left backpack slot - PRINT @41:"Hello" will then send the "Hello" text out the RS-232 interface.

    The hardware difference in addressing is bank switch bit 4 is set to 1 for ROM Expanders. This bit set causes the BSX signal in that Backpack slot to be asserted, so the 4050E01 can decode data bits 2,1 and 0 to generate a BS to the addressed slot in the ROM Expander!

    BSX is the critical signal Jos is using in his Multi-function ROM Pack to decode which of the ROMs (or I/O) is being addressed.

    The decoder is to use the BSxx addresses in Table 15-2, which match the Diag ROM tt for the standard slots.
    The BS30-BS37 and BS38-BS3F are the numbers for the ROM Packs located in a 4050E01 ROM extender in left or right slot. Substitute these numbers into Diag ROM tt for the CALL "CRC" test from a BASIC program.

    So the ROM Expander is accessed from the left ROM slot using 30 through 37 bank switch addresses and from the right ROM slot using 38 through 3F bank switch addresses.
    The Diagnostic ROM Pack only works in the left slot - so my CRC program below uses 38 through 3F in lines 280 through 430.
    Each of the ROM packs can contain up to 16KB of ROMs in four 2732 EPROMs, but some of the Tektronix CRC ROM listings show only one CRC for multiple ROMs, some show each of the EPROM CRCs.
    Lines 380-382 divide the CRC address ranges into three 4KB blocks to match the Graphics Enhancement R12 ROM Pack CRCs in the Tektronix CRC list - if R12 is plugged into slot 6 of a 4050E01.

    Line 110 skips the data first set of data statements that CRC test the ROMs inside the 4052 or 4054. You can change that line to RESTORE 110 to show the entire list of internal and external ROM CRCs.

    Ignore the CRC Errors for external ROM Packs - as the data statements are designed for matching the internal BASIC ROM CRCs for 4052/4054 v5.1 (the latest firmware for the original 4052/4054 computers).
    My 4054A has v1.5 firmware (not in the CRC list that Jos posted with his Diagnostic ROM Pack).

    100 PRINT "*** Check 4052/54 V5.1 CRCS ***"
    110 RESTORE 260
    120 DATA "E000FF0001000000","2057","U810  Constant ROM    "
    130 DATA "4000440000000000","0066","U820A Patch ROM       "
    140 DATA "4800800000000000","494F","U820B                 "
    150 DATA "8000C00000000000","8C30","U825                  "
    160 DATA "C000000000000000","6389","U835                  "
    170 DATA "4001440100000000","46C9","U870A ODD for U820A   "
    180 DATA "4801800100000000","67B6","U870B ODD for U820B   "
    190 DATA "8001C00100000000","AF97","U880  ODD for U825    "
    200 DATA "C001000100000000","38E2","U885  ODD for U835    "
    210 DATA "E001FF0101000000","93A4","U893  ODD Constant ROM"
    220 DATA "4400460000000000","8D82","U805A/U820C           "
    230 DATA "4600480000000000","D064","U805B/U820D           "
    240 DATA "4401460100000000","C27E","U897A/U870C           "
    250 DATA "4601480100000000","71C4","U897B/U870D"
    260 DATA "0000100000200000","0000","LEFT SLOT  41A        "
    270 DATA "1000200000200000","0000","LEFT SLOT  41B        "
    280 DATA "0000200000380000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 51A    "
    290 DATA "2000400000380000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 51B    "
    300 DATA "0000200000390000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 52A    "
    310 DATA "2000400000390000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 52B    "
    320 DATA "00002000003A0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 53A    "
    330 DATA "20004000003A0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 53B    "
    340 DATA "00002000003B0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 54A    "
    350 DATA "20004000003B0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 54B    "
    360 DATA "00002000003C0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 55A    "
    370 DATA "20004000003C0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 55B    "
    380 DATA "00001000003D0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 56A    "
    381 DATA "10002000003D0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 56B    "
    382 DATA "20003000003D0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 56C    "
    390 DATA "20004000003D0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 56B    "
    400 DATA "00002000003E0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 57A    "
    410 DATA "20004000003E0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 57B    "
    420 DATA "00002000003F0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 58A    "
    430 DATA "20004000003F0000","0000","RIGHT EXPANDER 58B    "
    440 PRINT " CRC    ROM"
    450 PRINT "----   ----"
    460 READ A$,C$,L$
    470 IF A$<>"Z" THEN 500
    480 PRINT " Done!"
    490 END
    500 CALL "CRC",A$
    510 B$=SEG(A$,13,4)
    520 IF B$=C$ THEN 550
    530 PRINT B$;"   ";L$;"   ";" *** CRC ERROR, SHOULD BE ";C$
    540 GO TO 460
    550 PRINT B$;"   ";L$
    560 GO TO 460
    570 DATA "Z","Z","Z"
    Here is a photo of my 4054A running the CRC program above with Jos' Diagnostic ROM pack in the left backpack slot and my 4050E01 plugged into the right slot with several 4052 ROM packs.
    I have annotated the photo with what is in each of the 8 slots in my 4050E01.
    All the slot CRCs match the published Tektronix CRC list, except for the Graphics Enhancement R12 ROM Pack in slot 6, which has a newer firmware version 1.04 than the CRC list.

    I plan to post an update for my CRC ROM test program when we get the MFM ROM Pack working.
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