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Thread: Tektronix 4052/54 diagnostic ROM pack remade.

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    Cool lettering on the inside of the base of the Diagnostic ROM case.

    I can barely see it though the case in your photo - cool! Did you print in PLA or ABS?


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    I used white, semi-translucent PLA. Works quote well, better than you can see in the picture.
    Would be a nice experiment in a dual-extruder machine, alas I do not have one.
    i added the openSCAD source file for the cases to the FTP site, in case you'd like to fool around with it.

    Generally Firefox should enable you to download files from my FTP server without problems. Never tried to use IE .


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    I decided to try to make a 3D printed overlay label with raised letters according to your photo in the PDF.
    It should be easy to print and then color the text and glue to the base, instead of trying to get labels to stick to the base.

    I imported your base STL in Openscad - and found a post that tells how to add embossed letters.

    Here is a link my ASCII STL file:

    and here is a screenshot of the overlay in Simplify3D:


    Thanks for all your hard work to replicate this diagnostic board!


    PS - I updated the link to a newer STL with slightly larger fonts
    I just printed it in ABS on my Ultimaker2+ at 0.1mm layers
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdreesen View Post
    I am ready to deliver the diagnostic rom packs : point your browser to

    read my doku file DiagPack_Manual.pdf , decide if this is what you want, and order ( or not...)
    Thanks Jos!

    Just sent you an email. I should have no problem getting the parts apart from the programmed GAL; my old Data I/O predates those by a wide margin.

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