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Thread: More trouble since the Februay VCFED.ORG forum crash.

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    That's just a generic text most other forums I have
    been on use this for any problems with a post..
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibmapc View Post
    Click on the thumbnail below and read the note in the red oval!

    This is what comes up when the triangle is pressed.

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    I use the triangle for notifying the mods of other things. For example if a thread has been put in the wrong section.
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    Sorry for the slow response.

    I believe the search indexes needed to be rebuilt so I'm doing that now. Hopefully it'll be done in the next 30 minutes or so and these issues will go away.

    If not please let me know so I can raise a ticket to have it addressed.


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    Thank you Erik and Evan for looking into this. Unfortunately, the thread in question still is not being redirected to VCFED.
    However if "" is replaced with "" in the url, the old thread comes right up. I believe threads such as these were being redirected correctly before. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Vcfed is now displaying an agonizingly slow response time. My last post took 2+ minutes to be accepted between the "Post Quick Reply" and actually being posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    Vcfed is now displaying an agonizingly slow response time. My last post took 2+ minutes to be accepted between the "Post Quick Reply" and actually being posted.
    I see similar lags. Every action (page refresh, click on New Posts, post a reply, etc.) takes many seconds to complete for me.

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    How huge is huge?

    I noticed less than a second to open this reply window and to post the reply...

    I'm not doubting that it's happening, but I'm not seeing it here which makes it harder to debug...

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    I'm also noticing quite a bit of delay accessing the forum. It seems to vary somewhat.

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    Generally-speaking there are no major issues at present. It may be necessary to re-index the board again, but this is not a show stopper. SO, if you're experiencing lags please help report some specific pieces of info. I will help along with the rest of the team to keep an eye on the performance a little more closely.
    1. What browser are you using (software and version)
    2. Is the latency with all pages or a specific page?
    3. Is the latency associated with email (time to receive)
    4. Is the latency associated with loading of images after the page appears to have loaded, if so specify.

    I know we cleared some old emails from the queue recently, it is possible that there was an unknown-to-us gateway exploit in the SMTP mail service associated with the ISP that hosts the forum. We'd want to report these things up the chain of support.

    Thanks all for keeping us informed, we'll do the same.
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