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Thread: More trouble since the Februay VCFED.ORG forum crash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
    I concur with Mike that it feels like CPU throttling on the host. Slow or overwhelmed bandwidth has different characteristics.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Elvey View Post
    Maybe, just maybe, it is not the MB that is the problem. Maybe it is all the people streaming video and songs.
    OK, which is it?

    Until it can be correctly identified it can't be fixed!
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    The forum administrators are aware of the problems, and we haven't shared everything here because there just isn't enough time. Speculating on what might or might not be happening really doesn't help anything.

    If you have a solid bug report please start a new thread and let us know.


    * We know it was CPU related; we have the resource utilization graphs. Hunting down the specific cause has been more difficult and we're only working on it part time, but for the most part it looks to have been fixed by just complaining to the hosting company and showing them their data.

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    Is it normal for there to be over 300 "guests" visiting the site? I've been seeing that a lot recently. I don't remember it being like that in the past, but I could be wrong.

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