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Thread: More trouble since the Februay VCFED.ORG forum crash.

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    I was experiencing issues pretty much all day yesterday, but, it was working normally after 8pm EST (GMT -0500). I believe it might be an ISP throttle on their end (net neutrality ended yesterday, which was the major issue), but some states made net neutrality permanent. In other words, it's working now, but, it might come back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KC9UDX View Post
    Is it normal for there to be over 300 "guests" visiting the site? I've been seeing that a lot recently. I don't remember it being like that in the past, but I could be wrong.
    That almost sounds like a denial-of-service attack. Maybe the coin miner people didn't like losing access to the users of the forum.

    It does feel like CPU throttling from my end, and my $dayjob is running server systems, so this is something I actually know a bit about. Network throttling 'feels' completely different, and, no, it likely has nothing to do with net neutrality like the last post in-thread says..... there are tools that can help find where the issue lies, and can distinguish between network congestion slowness and CPU-load-induced slowness.

    Virtualized systems can behave in odd ways when guests get loaded, especially heavy I/O loads. One of our KVM hosts here has about 8 guests on it (a smallish host for these days), and heavy network traffic to one guest on the host can heavily impact the responsiveness of other guests on the same host (and that's on a host backed by 4Gb/s mid-range fibre-channel storage; EMC Clariion CX4-480). I have a habit of not overcommitting host resources, but it's easy enough to overcommit on KVM as it is on VMware, Docker, VirtualBox, and Xen.

    My experience with a hosting company that I use for one of my contract clients has been that you pay more for non-overcommited virtual, and pay a lot more for a low-end dedicated server, and pay a vast amount more for a dedicated 'real' server. So a regular container on an overcommitted host might be $9.95 per month; on a non-overcommitted host it might be $49.95 per month; a dedicated low-end single-core server might run $99.95 per month, and a mid-range multicore server with 16GB of RAM or somesuch might be $299.95 per month. You get the performance you pay for. Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure have similar models; you pay more for more power. Reminds me of old timesharing systems' pricing models for mainframe access, really.

    So a denial-of-service attack on another guest on the same host that the VCF guest is on can cause this guest to get slow, especially depending upon the disk and network systems on the host. One of the facts of life of virtualization. Containers are even more tightly coupled, and getting good performance under load to something like Docker can be tricky and must be carefully planned.

    To the mods/admins: I feel your pain, but I believe you'll get it sorted, and I thank you all for your work.
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    Let's not forget that this only began to happen since the board moved to a new host.

    It never happened while on the previous host and that was over many years.

    Just something to think about.
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    Would it be heresy to suggest an alternate host?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
    Would it be heresy to suggest an alternate host?
    only if you like tolerating problems....

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