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Congratulations on your experiences. I once loaded the entire trunk and the backseat of my Honda Civic with an IMSAI 8080, (2) Vector Graphics 1, (2) PerSci dual 8" floppy drives (voicecoil) in mahogany enclosures, a dumb terminal, and some other miscellany, for $50. By my experience, you way overpaid.

I can't even remember how many times I've hashed through this pointless discussion on the CC mailing list (that eventually erupted into major arguments). Bottom line: it's worth what the seller is willing to take and what the buyer is willing to pay (offer/acceptance) on any given sale, whether than's 1 penny or 50 gajillion 1ozt gold coins.

But as someone who sells quite a bit, and who has been a collector and curator of fine vintage computers for about 30 years now, my assessment is not one that was drawn directly from a personal rectal cavity.

Your input is acknowledged, thank you, but at the same time as you want to practice the privilege to proffer your own opinions about price, others want to retain their right to reckon and recite their appraisal as well.
I have also loaded up a van full of NStar equitment , a KIM-1 and a bunch of other things, and I did not have to pay anything for it. I did however have to fly down to Miami and rent the van, and then drive over 300 miles to get back home, but it was worth it.

But I can't imagine why any of your polite conversations would break out into a major argument??? Perhaps it is the vulgar way you speak to people.. It is completelely unnecessary.
As I agree with you, with one minor addendum. I believe that it is the seller who sets the price, not the buyer. The buyer can either agree to that price or look for a better price somewhere else.
I usually do not haggle with a seller, as I respect their right to set the price that they would like to get for the item, that they are selling.
Anyway, please work on your people skills, I am sure you will find out, that you'll have a lot fewer arguments, that way.

Good Luck with That !!!