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Thread: Large photos of my classic collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by rittwage View Post
    One small note- the Atari 400/800 didn't ship until late 1979, right before Christmas. I don't know when they were announced and shown, though. I wasn't sure if you were listing original announce dates or ship dates.

    Same issue with Apple II Plus- was not 1978, but sometime in 1979.

    Nitpicking... Sorry.
    No worries. At the time of writing I think I mean "announced", but yea, it's not written that way. I'll recheck and edit.

    My vintage collection:
    My vintage activities blog:
    Twitter: @classiccomputNZ ; YouTube Videos: (click here)

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    Really nice collection, Tez!
    Enter My Mind At Your Own Risk!

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    Beautiful collection!


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