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Thread: How do you setup and have room for all your Classic Computers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClassicHasClass View Post
    I hear that, but it wasn't always that way. My PCjr and a couple other systems were local pickups (the PCjr came from Long Beach, for example).
    True, I got a three C64's (only one which worked, the others were for parts or accessories), as well as my TRS-80 Model 4 and Apple IIe were all 'local' (I live in the valley, and one was San Pedro, so not really 'local'). That said, they are rare to come by, and all of them needed work to get to a usable stage. I'm still trying to find an old PC that supports dual floppies (specifically 5 1/4 360k) so i can use it to make disks and do alignment work on some of the other computers, and oddly that's been the hardest to track down. I'm guessing that people might think twice about tossing an 80s computer like the commodore, apple, etc. but don't bother to look twice at the clones before chucking them in the dumpsters. Most old PC's people have available are Dells and HP/Compaqs which had limited or no floppy support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwathen View Post
    Much as I love my hobby I don't see me using an old computer as a daily driver - pouring over huge spreadsheets using Excel 4 on an old 386 with a 640x480 screen and constantly seeing 'recalculating cells...' is something I spent a lot of time doing in the mid-90s and I can't honestly say I miss that compared to the modern experience of doing the same.
    Oh, definitely, I just think that maybe a long infocom, ultima or sierra game might be uncomfortable to play that way.

    Luckily I don't see the day where I'll reminisce about 2000's computers, since most everything now is web based so very few actual (memorable) PC applications anymore. Any current games I play, i do with a game system since I can do that comfortably on the couch or bed. I could only imagine the future with 'retro' 2000's PC's. For me that would be some Tower with Dual Screens and I could only fit one of those.

    Quote Originally Posted by cwathen View Post
    That said, I am planning on getting a Windows 98 machine set up on a proper desk with proper space. When it comes to retro gaming it is getting harder and harder to coax Windows 9x era games (and some applications software too for that matter) to run on modern hardware and being that by that time games had become a lot more immersive with playing sessions getting longer I would like somewhere more comfortable to play these.
    Luckily by the time I started using PC's, it was more for BBS'ing, I still used my older systems for games since it took years for early PC games to catch up to Commodore/Atari systems. The biggest thing, besides BBSing, that I used the PC (besides productivity) was MMO type games. Sadly, there is realistically no way to ever get those back really since both involved a remote connection that no longer exists. That said, I totally understand the need for old PC's. I still have many times where I need 32 bit Windows XP, or older, to do something that is impossible, or nearly so, to do on new systems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwathen View Post
    Have I been forgiven for having an LCD monitor on my P166 in the first picture then lol? The only other decent CRT I've got at present is a 19 incher which is fabulous but won't fit on that little table.
    Understandable. CRTs take up so much space. I have two 17" Sony Trinitron displays that I mostly use with older Macs because they support Sync on Green and included the correct adapter. I love the clean text and modes they support. But it is also hard to fit them both on the desk. So I also use an NEC 4:3 LCD that also supports Sync on Green and 15khz for Amiga. But I much prefer CRTs for my classic systems.

    Quote Originally Posted by VERAULT View Post
    call me old fashioned but I prefer a paper book to an e-book or article online. And when it comes to notes, recipes, directions, I print them all.
    Same here. I prefer it to digital any day. I have an iPad Pro that I use a lot for reading PDFs. But if it is something I need to refer to a lot I always print it. Some on a Color LaserJet some on Dot Matrix Printers.

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    I just have a long table with three places for separate 3 vintage computers, one place for my modern notebook, and one place for a desktop with 19'' Lacie - to which 4 PC's are connected by KVM Switch (a 286/20,P1-120,PII-400,PIII-1000) - and also Macintosh G4 or Centris 6500 or Amiga 3000 can be attached to Lacie video cable. Also I stere temporarilly unused desktops on wooden shelves...




    P.S. Actually it's two tables from local Leroy Merlen stoer set one by side to another )
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    Does that table have a make/model? It looks like what I'd want to replace my aging banquet tables.

    (Or, if anyone has a pointer to a really good won't-sag-in-the-middle banquet table, let me know.)
    Offering a bounty for:
    - A working Sanyo MBC-775
    - Documentation and original disks for: Panasonic Sr. Partner, Zenith Z-160 series
    - Music Construction Set, IBM Music Feature edition (has red sticker on front stating IBM Music Feature)
    - Any very old/ugly IBM joystick (such as the Franklin JS-123)

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    ^^ I got some that were being thrown away at my university. They were lab tables used in the physics department. 'Solid' doesn't even begin to describe them. Contact your local uni's "asset disposal" department, or see if anyone you know has a hookup.

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    I got an old (at least as old as me) folding table with a metal frame/legs and MDF top. Its seen in my youtube videos. Its heavy, but nice and solid. It was likely school surplus.

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    Angle iron from a metal supplier can be fairly inexpensive, unlike Loew's, Home Depot, hardware store. Some people cut up old bed frames, personally I'd prefer slightly thicker metal. Minimal tools would be a hacksaw and a 3/8" electric drill. A battery powered drill is also good. And nuts, bolts, lockwashers. A 4' x 8' sheet of 3/4" birch plywood goes for 25-35$. Then there's paint or stain. If you want to put sheet metal over the top instead, good luck, it ain't cheap or easy to find. Maybe you can harvest some from a dumpster where they'redoing new construction or redoing ductwork etc.

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    Sheet metal is cheaper than angle iron and readily available round here. So worst case, he'd have an hour drive. If he wanted, I would happily purchase the sheet metal and cut and brake it to his specs. I'm going to have to buy some soon anyway.

    But I wouldn't use sheet metal for that. I'd look at workbenches and picnic tables. I have a bench like this that would more than fit the bill but the top of it looks thinner than mine, so it would be necessary to go look at it before buying.

    I also have a wooden picnic table that wouldn't sag if I put a thousand pounds on it. I got it for free, and don't know where to buy picnic benches or what they cost, but that's something worth investigating, I think.

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    I'm curious where you buy your sheet metal. And what it costs. I'm nowhere near you. Just curious.


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