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Thread: How do you setup and have room for all your Classic Computers?

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    Don't panic, it have faces at first i started selling stuff and sold a gazillion computers but then found that i missed them. Just let if flow ended up having my house full of computers in every room. Its easy when you are single, just kick your wife out and get computers on her side of the bed.
    Or you can do like this guys that like to keep them in the woods.

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    I have a rule...for everything that comes in something has to go out...leaving me with only the good stuff. I have the space I have and that's what I have. But, it's pretty big I am lucky to have room enough for my collection
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    Well, with me moving in about a month, I'm working out plans for a display once we get a house.

    My idea is that I will either get one table, or several old corner computer desks - and this is what I envision...

    Each machine (286, 486, Tandy 1000) will have it's own corner where it will have "of the period" artifacts designed to blend in with the new man cave, but provide a feel and experience similar to the period the computer is from just to make it more immersive. I'm planning on purchasing 2 more CRT monitors as well, and maintaining/keeping those alive.

    I will have a setup desk that the computers share with my guitars - as I use the same tools on both - that setup desk will have an LCD with composite (for the Tandy), as well as an on-wall motherboard mount (so I can test/configure motherboards & other items up there). THis will also allow me to custom build new additions (for sale, unless it's something REALLY special to me).

    I only now keep spares I would actually use as well. I've become quite picky. The 486 only uses VLB graphics cards, the 286 only uses ISA SVGA cards, and the Tandy will continue to use it's onboard TGA and if that goes down it'll be a board level repair of some kind. I try to use only genuine SoundBlaster cards when possible, and I have quite a pile of LAN cards at ready. Those are the parts I use the most often. The only thing I don't keep around much anymore is hard disks, because I don't want to be fighting Stiction issues because I've had some spindle drive sitting around for years on end without being spun up. I may be moving to SATA/SSD/DOMs/IDE adapters before too long, though hard disks with me tend to last a really long time for some crazy reason. I'm also looking into reducing all the SIMMS I have so I only h ave 32MB sticks for the 486 and 1MB sticks for the 286 (won't take 4MB sticks or 2MB sticks). Might want to get more 4464s or 4256's for the Tandy though before too long.

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    That sounds like quite a lovely display, I make plans like that too

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    I'm fortunate to have a decent size study, I typically keep about 4 retro machines out at anyone time and the other 6 live on shelves when not in use.

    I've also culled my collection down recently, now I only collect machines that mean some to me personally.

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    I only have one vintage project on display / being worked on at a time. That's not only the limit of the bench space that I can justify, but also a limit on my free time. Juggling multiple projects would just be too much... That which isn't currently on display gets stowed somewhere.

    If I ever complete my 5150 with period-accurate accessories (monitor, keyboard, etc) then I could possibly consider dedicating some space to it.

    Generally, I like to work on things more than I like to actually use them. I'm often looking for new boards to acquire or new boards to design. Not sure if that's typical of other vintage computer enthusiasts.

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    I restrict my collection to the rear two rooms of the house (one is the server room, one is the office). A couple items have leaked into the bedrooms where they are justified as workstations. The rest is condemned to storage.

    It helped that I bought the house before I got married. I'm not sure that would have worked out in the other direction.
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    right now for me i have a PC is almost every room in the house. i don't have a designated area set up yet with the exception of the game room. once the ball gets rolling for the basement is when it will all come together and not look terrible and more orderly

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    I, too, have computers in almost every room in the house. 48 port centrally located router! My workbench is located in the basement as is workstations and spare systems in storage. My main system is in the library.
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    Most of mine are mainly in a bedroom with a couple out in the shed.
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