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Thread: The perennial problem of 360k drives on Windows XP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
    .. Also, any chance that you could swap out your 3.5 floppy drive?
    Quote Originally Posted by Malc View Post
    The drive works perfectly fine in DOS, 98 2k with formatting 720k floppy's, Not sure another drive would make a difference but i'll try it sometime tomorrow and report back.
    No joy, I hooked up a couple of different drives and same error: "The device is busy" when trying to format a 720k in XP, Just for yuks while i had the case open i hooked up a known working Qumetrak 142 360k as the B drive and got the same I/O error in Windows 2000 and XP. It's an annoyance but i'm done with it, I can get around it.

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    Thought I'd see what happened on my XP computers - but in every case, the bios doesn't even have 5 1/4" drives as a choice. So much for that.


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