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Thread: High Memory Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmdlcar View Post
    The Dell 64bit was built in 2008 and has 4GB of memory. The Acer 32bit was built in 2009 and has 2GB of memory. The Acer will some in high memory. That why I need a older Computer there is a member that is helping me.

    Not sure how to do this.
    you stated you have dos 6.22 installed on your DELL and on your ACER.
    after the computer is booted you should be able to type on the command line MSD and it should examine your system and give you options.

    I do have to say these are fairly modern laptops you have DOS on.

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    you should be able to force scan some areas of memory with "I:"
    Not sure how to do this?

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    okay, on the command line no matter where you are at if you have your path set correctly you should be able to type in MSD and hit enter. you then get a screen like this
    After the computer scans for a bit you get the menu screen and the area you should be most interested in is Memory so slap the M key to bring up this
    take note of the legend at the top of the memory screen and keep in mind what it all means. its just giving you a graphical representation of your memory. everything you look at here can be carried over to your config file by what you type in

    on my computer i've chosen the area i wanted to include to scan for possible upper memory area

    so in turn my config.sys line that is carrying emm386.exe says this

    what you want to do is choose the best chunk of address space you can grab and attempt to allocate some UMB blocks.
    the most important thing to note is when you are loading stuff into the upper memory area check to see the largest block available. i personally think of it as putting puzzle pieces together.
    be prepared after making any changes to reboot to see if it took it.

    you can also look here at the documentation of emm386 here


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