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Thread: F.I.C Laptop Floppy Drive

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    Default F.I.C Laptop Floppy Drive

    I have an old F.I.C A320 Laptop with an internal 1.44Mb floppy drive, Duel booting between DOS 6.22 and XP, Win XP only see's the drive as a 1.44Mb and there is no option to format a 720k floppy unless i drop to a command prompt or reboot into DOS.

    According to the BIOS it supports 2.88 / 1.44Mb / 720k 3.5" and 360k / 1.2Mb 5.25" floppy drives. Today i removed XP and installed Win 2K, I can now format 1.44Mb and 720K floppy disk's in Win 2K.

    I have seen adapters on Ebah that convert the 26 pin floppy connector to a 34 pin connector, I'm wondering if i got such an adapter and ran a cable outside the laptop would i be able to use 5.25" floppy drives with external power also ??

    Anyone tried this on an old laptop ?

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    The WinXP behavior of not formatting 720kB floppy from the GUI is standard. MS decided that too many were accidentally choosing the wrong format.

    There are at least 3 different external floppy connectors similar to the one you describe with different pin assignments. Some of these supply power across the 26 pins in different positions so without a manual the odds are high that whatever drive is attached will be damaged. With a manual and some luck, it may be possible to do what you desire.

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    Yup, but you can format 720K on XP from the command line, viz:

    FORMAT A: /N:9 /T:80

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    Thanks, I also have a couple of FIC A360+ laptops which IIRC use the same floppy drive as in the A320, I have a manual for the A360 too, So i will check the pinouts.


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