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Thread: Is NTFS conversion also possible in Windows 95B and 95C?

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    Quote Originally Posted by computerdude92 View Post
    I remember years ago from my techy friends that people used to convert their Windows 98 systems to NTFS. I'm quite surprised to hear that you believe such a thing is not doable.
    FWIW I've never seen W95/W98 run on a NTFS partition. Yes, you can convert a FAT partition to NTFS using 'convert.exe' but you'll never be able to access or boot W95/98 on NTFS without some 3rd party software/driver help. You can easily run FAT and NTFS on the same HD if the 1st partition is FAT. It might be that your 'techy' friends were playing with XP, as it was very common to do the NTFS conversion back in the day.

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    Yeah some PC builders installed XP on FAT32 partitions. Good for gamers at that time.
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