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Thread: ti99 disk controller

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    Since the light is on all the time for the controller, remove it and test your 32K again. If the 32K works, you can try again with the disk controller in the box--but try it in the seventh slot instead of the last one. Sometimes, the problem is in the backplane, and that helps find it. If the 32K still fails, check the Flex Cable card and the side connector on the TI. Sometimes one or both sides of that connection gets gunky and needs to be cleaned, other times, there will be some damage in the Flex cable connector that allows it to short some pins. Lastly, one of the buffer chips in the Foot of the Flex cable may be blown. These are easy enough to replace if you have some soldering skills. Note that it is a good idea to remove and reseat all of the cards in the PEB if it has been sitting for a long time too, as that helps clean the connections.
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    I’m going to have a look at the flex card tonight. I’ve stripped the peb to fit an ATX power supply. I have a feeling it’s the flex card to be honest.


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    well , i don't know...

    ive replaced the buffers and voltage reg on the flex cable it looks good. lights up but the PEB finds no cards.

    So ive ordered another flex card from eBay , i have an RS232 on its way from the states too so hopefully something will work soon.

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    Have you put the Flex Card in a different slot in the PEB? Sometimes changing the slot helps. Also, check with a different console if you have one. Sometimes the buffers in the console go bad too. . .
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    hi thanks

    no other console but i'll investigate further when i have known working cards


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    Ok some news on the PEB.

    An RS232 and a tested flex cable have come and both function the 32k and disk controller must be faulty.

    The disk controller has a solid blue led all the time and freezes the ti99, the 32k is not detected at all.

    I have ordered another 32k and a disk controller so i can return to fixing these at a later date...

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