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Thread: CP/NET or DR/NET

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    Default CP/NET or DR/NET

    Just been reading up on DRIs CPM/CCPM variants on google groups(UseNet) and came across the mention of CP/NET(8-bit) and DR/NET(16-bit). Apparently they were used to connect various CCPM systems to share files. Apparently it predated Netware by a substantial margin. I'm curious to know how this was achieved both software and hardware wise.

    Heres the the thread I've found it mentioned in!

    Interesting enough it also mentions in the thread you can multi-task on an XT class system despite what MS said.
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    Thomas Byers (DRI)- "You'll have a million people using the A> [MS-DOS prompt] forever. You'll have five million using [nongraphic] menu systems such as Topview, Concurrent PC-DOS, Desq, and those types. But there'll be 50 to 100 million using the iconic-based interfaces."

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    Yup--don't forget Concurrent DOS. And MP/M-86 was available for the XT as well, if you wanted to go multi-user.

    Then, (crossing threads), there was Novell's netware running on Televideo's 80186 PM/16 system for multi-user shared-access. Incidentally, the PM/16 used 96 tpi floppies formatted to 740K (8 sector/512 byte).


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