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Thread: Can I turn off the "Last edited by" link on my posts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    And this is based on...
    I once wrote a software package that does what VBulletin does, and that was the way that made most sense to me...

    Beyond that, I've seen mods say things like "he's edited it five times today but I don't know what he erased that's offensive." Not here, but on two other VBulletin sites. Several times. So again, either it's normal functionality, it's a configuration issue, or said mods don't want to let on how it all works. That's my assessment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KC9UDX View Post
    That doesn't indicate though that mods can see the previous contents of a edited post. I expect that they can see a log of timestamps from edits, but not the actual content of past edits.
    vBulletin allows moderators to see full edit history - what changed and when it was changed.

    It's useful when users try to edit their posts to hide inappropriate behavior. Sadly, I've had to use it for that.

    Source: Used to run a vBulletin forum.


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