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Thread: Just for fun - Fav ~Dream Machine~ builds

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    Yes but the original personal computing Dream Machine, on the cover of Ted Nelson's bookette, referred to things like the Digital Equipment Corp PDP 11 GT Graphic11 system and the PDP 8e. By the time you get to P-II machines, we're not quite on topic for this web site forum, are we? Maybe in 5-10 years. That's ok we all dream our own dreams....I built a Maximum PC dream machine in 2007, it was a Rampage motherboard with the first i7 processor and motherboard available commercially at the time. Loved that one. Still have it.
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    Pentium II's are so slow by today's standards. I consider them about vintage. After all, vintage is 20 years and older right? The fastest PII was released in 1998. Linux is even dropping all x86 CPU support in a few years. So I guess even Athlon XP's will be vintage by the mid-2020's. I call vintage as also having no modern supported OS able to run on it.


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