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Thread: IBM PS/2 55SX- odd hard drive noise on power down- & how to park the heads?

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    Default IBM PS/2 55SX- odd hard drive noise on power down- & how to park the heads?

    Hey everyone. Well, I purchased a model 55SX in which the seller changed out the hard drive just before sending it to me (an ESDI(?) WDL-330R). I got it fired up & it seems to run ok, however when I shut it down, it makes a noise that sounds like something dropping on the disk- not something I recognize as being normal. The best I could describe it would be similar to if you held a pencil vertically, eraser side down, about 3 inches off the table, and let it drop straight down and bounce on the table a few times- that "tap taptaptap" sound... along with what sounds like making direct contact with the disk as it spins down.. I've shut it down twice & the same sounds both times. Now I'm too concerned to start it again as I'm afraid when I switch off the power, the heads are simply falling & bouncing directly on the disk as it spins down. First, is this ever a normal sound for a hard drive on power down? Is the drive itself behaving incorrectly, or am I the one doing something wrong? (ie, I've heard you're supposed to "park the heads" before moving a computer, & that some people did it every time they shut down.. But how do I park the heads?..) Any help would be much appreciated.
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    I have a 1988 Micropolis SCSI drive which does the same thing when parking the heads, it makes a loud clunk followed by a few head bounce taps as it moves off the platter. I've had this drive for nearly 20 years and its always done that.

    Your drive is likely fine as long as its not making any other noises like grinding or scraping sounds.

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    This drive doesn't require parking, it will do it automatically when power is disconnected.
    I'm not a huge fan of these drives, but enjoy it for as long as it lives.
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