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Thread: WTB/Seeking AT / Clone computer case

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    jmetal88 - I had ordered the case you had recommended yesterday ..
    Today, I received a phone call explaining that they were plumb out of those cases > (Grr..)
    It's ALWAYS something!

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    Unless I missed something, that case in the link is clearly labeled "ATX", not AT.

    ATX cases will take an AT power in the modern sized. Some of the old ones, like the original IBM AT, have a much larger power supply that will not fit.

    The issue is the back is different. The AT has 8 slots and nothing else. ATX has 7 slots and the panel for ports that are built into the motherboard.

    All that said, I have seen an ATX case with a port backplane cover (whatever you call it, can't think of the common name now - I/O panel?) that had only the large AT keyboard port in the right place. Only potential problem there is you lose access to the slot nearest the keyboard...see above comment about 7 vs. 8 slots.

    If you're not in any rush, I can probably come up with an AT case eventually. I know I have more than I need out in the shed, unfortunately with too many of them containing 486 VLB-era motherboards with leaking NiCd batteries that have ruined the motherboards...



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