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Thread: Kaypro Alternate COPY program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VERAULT View Post
    You have got me confused you write 2/84 and 4/84 I never heard of these kaypro models. I have 4 kaypros' one 4/83 and three model 4's (they have the modem onboard) Are the regular 4's the ones you call a 4/84?

    Thanks for all this info! one of my model 4's and my 4/83 are 100% but my other two model 4's have bad floppies, all 4 of them. I am in the works getting two working floppy drives but that would be only one drive each. Id like to have that as the backup and have a floppy emu as the primary. Cant wait to try this out!
    You might want to grab a copy of this document:

    That can help you better identify various Kaypro models, and well as supply other information about ROMs and other parts. There are mainboard "silkscreen" images for each of the models, and those can help a lot with identification.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nama View Post
    No, PIP works fine, but as I'm trying to backup some original disks, I want to be able to copy not just the files, but any OS that maybe on the disks too. Basically make a complete replica of the original. and they both have the ability to copy a: to b: as an image. they are part of the utilities that came with the Pro8 ROM upgrade. i can send you an IMD of one of my boot floppies or just the *.com's...


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