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Thread: A new Arduino 328/2560 CPU based S100 Board

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    Red face A new Arduino 328/2560 CPU based S100 Board

    I'm delighted to report here a first look at a new Arduino 328/2560 CPU based S100 bus board. This board allows you to utilize the numerous Arduino "Shields" in the S100 bus. It can be configured to run as EITHER the Arduino 328 (UNO) or the Arduino Mega 2560 (MEGA) board, (but not both). There is also a "patch" area on the board to add your own circuit. The board works fine with the Arduino IDE interface allowing you to write and upload your own Arduino sketch (C) programs. Some simple examples are given.

    For more information can be seen here:-

    Please note this is just an introduction. Because boards like this bring about a large number of bare board requests, I want to do a final test run of the "commercial" board to be made by PCB Cart (China) first. This will take about 3 weeks to complete. At that point I will collect "orders" as we usually do -- from the "usual suspects". The board will run $18 each. Please do not order the board at this stage. See here for further announcements.

    John Monahan

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    Very nice!
    This link works better:

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