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Thread: Vintage laptop PSU repair

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    Quote Originally Posted by codyw1996 View Post
    Almost all of the solder joints are corroded, regardless of whether they're near a capacitor or not.

    I'll probably just use it till it dies, then build a proper 286 desktop with more expansion slots. This laptop seems to run games much slower than other 286's on Youtube anyway, but then again i've only tested it with the one Trident card. ISA SVGA cards are stupidly expensive on eBay, even though they're not rare.
    Sounds like the unit has been underwater at some point if all of the joints are corroded, capacitor electrolyte generally isn't that corrosive, even when left for long periods of time.

    I would at least replace the caps, it's not very expensive, especially if you use generic Chineseium Ebay capacitors. I've gotten a whole stock from Bruce-Shark on Ebay who sells Chengx / Chengxing caps which haven't let me down yet, and I've used them in a wide range of devices over the past couple of years that weren't worth getting name brand caps from Mouser for.

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    If this were mine and the PSU was the only thing that was borked, I'd just get another power supply. It shouldn't be that hard, as the output probably isn't regulated.

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