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Thread: HP 7440 Colorpro Plotter Troubleshooting

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    Default HP 7440 Colorpro Plotter Troubleshooting

    I have recently acquired a ColorPro Plotter that obviously spend some decades in a dirty barn. After cleaning operatings, I tried to switch it on.

    Unfortunately, it will not initialize properly. There are no end switches etc, just two DC motors with encoders.

    it looks like that a working Colorpro moves the pen carrier to the left and not to the right first (time 0:55)

    Anybody any ideas?

    Thanks a lot

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    Maybe anybody owns such a device and could provide an image of how to connect the stepper motors to the mainboard? Maybe I made a mistake during re-assembly.

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    Have you looked over at the HP Computer Museum? Look at the documents under "ColorPro". It includes the hand-drawn schematic for the HPIB version worked out by Tony Duell.


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