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Thread: Source for Dell Inspiron 7500 lid latch hooks??

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    Default Source for Dell Inspiron 7500 lid latch hooks??

    Picked up a P3 Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop from the thrift store. I know its not vintage by any means, but it will run all of my older software.

    Anyhow, as with all my old systems, I have to restore them as best as I can. This one has plastic hooks that hold the lid closed which are screwed to the back panel of the LCD. Well, mine are both broken. Was hoping someone had a source on them. As I dig around the internet, I find old forums that discuss this same problem, however Dell has no part number for them.

    I'm iffy to buy a "parts" unit as they are probably also broken.

    Anyone have a source, or 3D printer?

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    Try FleaBay

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    I have a 3D printer. I would need pictures and dimensions.
    Wanted: Any old clunky 286-P1 machine that has some kind of working battery or replaceable with off the shelf parts. Preferred: 10+lbs 386 machines.

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    Ok, I'll take measurements of what I've got left for the hooks I've got and a rough guess of what the missing pieces are. Thanks.

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    Dorkbert, No good. Only a handfull of parts units even. I'm sort of baffled this unit doesn't seem (or wasn't) very popular. Its a P3 Intel with internal CD rom and floppy and a great screen. Much like the old IBM Thinkpad 380 and 390 series only more clunky. Mine even came with a working battery that holds a charge.

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    Ps Dorkbert, "libtard capital,CA". LOL! Minneapolis isn't much better.


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