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Thread: Work or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmdlcar View Post
    This started out me wanted to run Dos on an old Computer but I can't find a Computer that old.

    I'm a Linux user only and I wanted to bring back the Dos OS to show other.

    What I have on a 250mb USB is so far.

    1 Dos 6.22
    2 Norton Commander 3.0 for Dos
    3 MS Works 3.0 for Dos
    4 Quick Basic 4.5
    5 PKWARE
    6 Windows 3.11 but it start but won't run.

    And a few Games

    For now I will leave it on that USB because it be a long time before I fill it up.

    I need a floppy to install more because they won't install without a floppy.
    Look for a mobo with ISA and PCI slots. You may want to contact STONE or GLITCH on this forum as they just might be able to help you.

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    Careful--some versions of Linux don't run on older (Pre-P2) processors. Maybe this has been remedied or perhaps you have to recompile the source, but I do remember running into this with a K6 CPU.

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    I have a Acer Laptop but I have it on a USB to show people what it like.


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