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Thread: May 2018 SALE - take 15% of TRS-80 items from my site

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    Default May 2018 SALE - take 15% of TRS-80 items from my site

    15% off all items on my web site for all of May 2018, just mention you saw this on VCFed (includes 15% off shipping, so say something costs $10 to ship to the USA, you only pay $8.50)

    My web site:

    This includes all my popular items like the fantastic FreHD: and

    Model 4 Hi-Res graphics boards:

    Cocos and disk controllers:

    Model I, III, 4 computers and parts: , ,

    Cables, doublers, lowercase kits, adaptors and misc:

    Remember to mention this advert when emailing me.

    Comast users: may have problems getting to my site... use your cellphone or free wireless somewhere to get to it (my ISP and Comcast are working on the issue however I can't say when a resolution will be in place).

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    *There is never a charge for Tech Support even if you don't purchase from me - We are Enthusiasts Helping Other Enthusiast and that is just the way it is

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