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Thread: Color Classic II

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    Default Color Classic II

    Wow. I've seen CCIIs go for $600ish.. but I guess the box, the Performa label and all that got everyone all got and bothered. Wow. This hobby is just getting to be too crazy expensive.

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    Someone gave me one about 10 years ago. Then my told me to throw it away and I did. I wish I could turn back time but remember what I know now I would be rich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by falter View Post
    Wow. This hobby is just getting to be too crazy expensive.
    Remember that the CC II was never sold in the United States. The closest you could get one was in Canada.
    IMHO the Color Classic is a rather unimpressive compact mac until you put at least another $400 in upgrades into it, but by then you are often better off just getting perhaps a molar mac or even a fruity imac.
    = Excellent space heater

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    Bet it has bad caps, too.

    My CC has a Mystic board and it's a whole lot more fun.
    I use my C128 because I am an ornery, stubborn, retro grouch. -- Bob Masse
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